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Permaculture Designer, Master Gardener, BSD Architecture, Certified Environmental Educator

I created DIY yards because I believe that it is important to get outside and get your hands dirty, it is good for the mind, body, and soul. Being a mom, I also know how important budget is. Being a designer, I know the value of having an overarching plan…so your small projects actually add up to something. Plus, there is nothing more satisfying than looking at an awesome yard and saying “I did that!”

I have always been into the environment and design. I graduated college with a degree in “built” architecture, but after only a few years of practicing decided to pursue a different path and formed a nonprofit (Everlasting Marks) which engages youth hands-on in sustainable construction projects. Through that work I spent several years helping to build a sustainable educational garden in Arizona. This was where I was first introduced to permaculture and the many practices it includes. During that time I also became a certified Master Gardener and recently became a certified Permaculture Designer myself. After having a child of my own I am back on my path of community development, but with a different approach, helping individuals convert their yards from what it is, to something beautiful, and sustainable.

But it is about so much more than getting rid of grass and/or other not so sustainable plants, it is about being outdoors, having our children explore nature, and getting a little peace of mind and slowing down enough to, if not smell the flowers, at least plant some so our kids can.