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At DIY yards, the goal is help you Do It Yourself…but not alone.

The greatest challenge to starting, or changing, your yard, is having a design. Even if you can only do a small section at a time, a comprehensive design will make sure the final product is cohesive. But if at anytime you get stuck, need technical help, or even physical help, I am there. The options are designed to get you started, keep you going, and get it done.

Get Started

Free Consultation
During this on-site visit we will discuss what you really want your yard to look like. We will also identify current issues and opportunities and discuss potential options and the associated resources to to getting them done.
If after the Free Consultation we think we can work together, then we:

Get Going

Site Analysis & Basic Design
This step provides drawings that show what we discussed in the consultation and more! This includes the following and requires onsite measurements. Basic designs are especially helpful for people with large yards who will be doing the installation themselves over a period of time.
– Sector Analysis: This shows the natural and user influences on the site.
– Zone Analysis: Documents the areas with the most use and/or accessibility and helps determine where elements should go
– Basic Design: This is a scaled drawing showing generally where things will go – e.g. trees, washes, patios, gardens, etc. These will be done in AutoCAD and Photoshop and will be provided via email in pdf. Greater dimensions will also be provided.
– Notes: A narrative explaining the logic behind the layout and tips for reuse and install. Also included is a plant palette to help you keep things cohesive. I also do an in-person review of the plan.
– 3D Model: This has proven to greatly help people understand their 2D plans. In the model general groupings of plants are added for general understanding. A video will be posted to my Facebook page, and snapshot images as part of the “Deliverables” packet.
Example Basic Designs
Front Yard Only
Full Site

Full Design

Full Design
If you are looking for a more detailed approach this additional step includes major dimensions and calls out all plants and notes material quantities.
Example Full Designs
Riverpark HOA edible landscape
Fresno Palm Trees & Play

Site Layout
This can be done with a Basic or Full Design. If you choose to do this I come to the site to mark out the plan with chalk or marking paint. This step is very helpful for those who are ready to get started and want some lines to follow.

Plant Placement
I bring a variety of plants that are part of your palette so we can decide which plants you like the best and where. To implement this service you need a Basic Design completed and will either have to have a Site Layout done or do it yourself. You can buy/keep the plants you are ready for, and/or will have a list of the ones you will need to get when you reach the next phase of implementation.

Get it Done!

Do It Yourself…but not alone
– DIYers: Site visits and “work days” are opportunities for me to check in and help you over the major humps: “Am I doing this right?”, “We ran into this issue”, etc.  This option insures you keep things moving by getting clarification and/or having skilled help working side-by-side with you when you need it. Plus, it’s more fun to work with someone (and more productive).
– Contractor Quality Assurance: Hiring a contractor? I can be hired to oversee the installation. Too many times I have seen contractors make changes that diminish the design, impacting function and/or aesthetics. I can work with clients and contractors to meet the desired end result, including design alternatives to minimize costs.