Do It Yourself...but not alone...

I design, and can even help install, your own sustainable, beautiful, and functional landscape that you can be proud of.

Replace your grass with a sustainable and beautiful landscape

Hardscapes and low-water use plants are easy to install when you know how

If you don't know where you are going, any path will get you there...

Having a plan keeps you focused and going in the right direction throughout your DIY install

Free Guide to Getting Started

This free guide will eliminate the question of "where to start" and will walk you through the first steps to put you on the path to changing your yard.

Yard Design

Have great ideas, but don't know where to start...or need motivation to keep going? DIY yards will help you bring it together, get it on paper, then get it in the ground.

Environmental Education

From kids to adults, find out if we can help educate your group on a topic of interest.

Starting Small


You can start with even the smallest of projects. One by one they let you build the skills and confidence to do more.

Amanda ...

Our yard conversion was a family affair. It's great to get the kids involved!

Dori ...

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